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Jason R. Wallace
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About me

"You are FANTASTIC. You have a very Rob Paulsen quality about you, and I mean that in a very good way." "Dude's been voice acting for us for 6 years now, and he still manages to find ways to surprise me." "You...make me want to go to actor school so I can do these things. It's so very very cool to see in action. I fucking loved it." Hello, adventurers! I'm Jason R. Wallace, a 30-something American artist and educator. What can I bring to YOUR cyber-table? I'm glad you asked! - The techniques, cultural literacy and methodology of a BFA in Dramatic Arts (with a Performance emphasis); character acting, accents/dialects, improvisation and more! - 10+ years of experience as a stage and voice actor, across the professional, collegiate and community spheres, with 100+ performing credits! - 10+ years of RPG gamemastering, with experience in systems throughout the continuum of rules complexity - from light fare like FATE, The Black Hack and Electric Bastionland to crunchier play like Shadowrun, Dark Heresy 2E and Lancer! - Experience and fluency with Discord, Zoom, Roll20, Foundry and other essential digital RPG tools!

GM style

Great with roleplay and character acting! Comfortable with a variety of levels of mechanical crunch! Thoughtful and responsive when it comes to player engagement and safety tools!

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