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The Possum Punks are an artist and writer duo who have been writing and designing together for 10 years. While steampunk is all about worlds powered by steam, possumpunk is about worlds powered by digging through the garbage, finding the tastiest morsels, and fleeing into the night while making delighted chittering sounds. We take what is best in the scraps of fantasy, pulp, schlock and surrealism, and build a nest with it that nurtures and protects the greatest treasure of all. If you're looking for adventures with moral complexity, emotional depth, unconventional characters and an art style that breaks the mold, look no further than your friendly neighborhood punk-rock possums.

GM style

First and foremost, I enjoy the telling of a good story. I love it when character arcs, mythic rites of passage, plot-twists and resounding themes come together to deliver that warm buzz of wonder. After doing my time with crunchy games like 40K, Pathfinder, and earlier D&D editions, I now enjoy the light and flexible feel of 5e. I lean on rules to keep things fair, but never let the rules get in the way of depicting a great scene with emotional beats and cinematic style. I am very detail-oriented in my world-building, but know that most players don't want to feel like they're reading a narcissist's novel. There must be universal foundations - things that are familiar yet a little twisted. I try to start small and introduce details organically, rather than info-dumping or making the players passive spectators to events. The party must always be the prime mover in the center of the GM's universe. Perhaps my biggest vice is that I want characters to earn their glory, which often means putting them in a place of disadvantage from which they can rise to greatness as the story unfolds. Some players aren't drawn to this GMing style, since they want to experience the highs and not the lows of a character arc. Scenes I set up may seem deliberately bleak, or railroaded in service of a larger story beat. So fair warning to you if that's not your idea of escapism.

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