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About me

Hi there! My name is Neal Driscoll, I'm in my mid-to-late twenties, and I have a passion for storytelling. Whether it's spooky stories around the campfire, historical/mythological anthologies, or epic campaigns of heroes and villains, I just can't get enough of the world's many and varied stories. Growing up, I had only heard whispers of tabletop RPGs, and it wasn't until uni that I got my first experience in the worlds of D&D 3.5. As a long-time lover of wonder-tales, suffice it to say that I ate up that experience with a hunger for more, and it made sense when I became a GM shortly after those first few sessions. I have been running games ever since, and now I want to help facilitate this wonderful experience with a wider audience. I am a firm believer in tailoring the experience of TTRPGs to my players for the goal of maximizing the fun for everyone involved. This is evidenced by creating my own elaborate homebrew system over the course of a still-running, 6+ year, multi-party campaign that specifically encourages limitlessness. I aim to be fair, inclusive, equitable, and always open for communication. I have extensive experience working with children and adults from ages 5-75+. At the end of the day, I try my best, and I promise that will always be the case for you, my potential players.

GM style

I do love roleplay! -I try to accommodate all comfort levels for roleplay from 1st person character voices to 3rd person action descriptions. I do my best to create an immersive world with living NPCs, but I never expect my players to go outside their comfort zone. I will, however, regularly check in with each of my players to ensure their fun and approval of what we are all creating. I do love crunchy tactical combat! -With a strong background in JRPGs and tactical turn-based games, both digital and analog, I run a mean (but fair!) combat scenario with environmental hazards and unexpected twists. I love to throw out the bread n' butter goblins and orcs just as much as whatever new creatures I have just learned about from my most recently encountered absurdly obscure reference material. This includes low-level play and higher levels of play alike, so buckle up for just about any scenario you can (or can't yet) imagine! Mystery? You got it (cue spooky music). Puzzles? Sure thing, I've got loads of resources and often make my own. Sociopolitical intrigue? The countrysides will never be the same again. If you, as my player, want to explore a new type of story device, I will gladly hear you out, do my research, and plan something for your enjoyment. I love trying new things, but above all else, I try to stay in constant communication with my players for what they (and you) enjoy and want out of their experience.

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