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About me

I've been a DM for more than 4 years for several groups playing DnD 5e and my main rule about playing any TTRPG is to have fun. Fun is the centerpiece why we love this hobby, and why I want to run more games. Fun games create amazing memories for the rest of your life, and create friendships that last beyond the table time together across countries and time zones.

GM style

I do love when the players actions shape the world around them, allowing them to feel the impact they have over the longer campaign. "Rule of cool" certainly takes place very often at my table. I am not a dogmatic follower of rules-as-written and often change/add/modify encounters based on what brings the most drama. However those adjustments remain consistent across the campaign. DM never plays against the players, he is just another player who wants to have a good time. I do not believe there are bad classes or bad character stats - I've seen enough of wizards with negative intelligence modifiers to say that it all creates great opportunities for roleplay and cool interactions. If there are any rules confusion, I prefer to make a DM call on the go, and let the action unfold, rather then spend the time to look for somebody's quote on the internet. This responsibility and authority of DM must be respected by the players.


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