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Hello! I'm NotQuiteProficient, aka Zackary Greig, and I'm a guy who loves running and playing Dungeons and Dragons. I've been a Dungeon Master for over 5 years now, playing 5th edition DnD. I'm hoping to help some players who can't find a Dungeon Master experience the game, while offsetting what I pay for my hobby. I mostly run high fantasy games within my own world of Icacia, but have run modules in the Forgotten Realms as well (Curse of Strahd is a favorite of mine). I attempt to create a fun and dramatic game where the players choices really effect the world, and I hope you are ready to try and do some super cool stuff! If you're looking to get into a game, I am happy to talk and figure out the right kind of game for you or your group.

GM style

My DM style tends to focus more on Roleplay, with overarching plots determined by the players actions and the events going on in the world. I use some modified and adapted combat rules to allow for greater player teamwork. When it comes to exploration, I find players need the little shove to know it's ok to go out and find something new which I don't present to them on a platter. I'll test and see, and over the course of our campaign I'll adjust the style slightly to fit you and your group. Expect crazy magical items, enemies, locations, and a chance to build your renown and create a legend.


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