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About me

Hello and welcome to my home! A little about me? I am a full time audio freelancer, community manager, streamer, professional DM, and a podcaster. My main podcast, Beholder to No One, has three shows: discussions on TTRPGs, one-shots that are usually non-D&D related, and an actual play game that is D&D 5e focused in Eberron (Cowboy Bebop inspired). I have two podcasts in the works: Dice Before Dawn with a Vampire the Masquerade show and Sound Control RPG with a Savage Worlds show. But that's not what you're hear for. If you want to hear MY Game Master style, you can listen to me on Awfully Queer Heroes, a D&D podcast where I ran a 13 episode game of Uncaged Anthology (a wonderful 5e supplement with over 4 books all with minimum 25 stories in each) where all the stories focus on a femme monster that really isn't what it seems like or in the new Tower in the Soul game that's deadly, chaotic, and flirtatious. You can also find me in a Monster of the Week game on 2000Tales every Friday as a 90s goth grunge ghost turned demon. Beyond that, I am a bi/demisexual poly woman, married for 10 years and a mother of a 19 y/o genderfluid child. As for my experience in TTRPGs. I started playing D&D 3.5 back in 2003 (so over 19 years of experience), and have dedicated a lot of the time since then to playing all types of differing games. I love to try new things, especially indie TTRPGs. I do have the most experience DMing for D&D 5e where I can make the game as structured of homebrew as you want. I also absolutely love city building games, and have come up with a nice little set up that intermixes a lot of supplements from a bunch of different places to create one if that is something you're into. My gaming style can vary. While I'm always down for a joking, silly, playful game, I am a sucker for those heart wrenching games that pull you in and spit you out in the end. My worlds can be as light hearted or as deadly as YOU want. I like deadly combat encounters, and roleplaying heavy stories where there are consequences to your actions. Gods and powerful Patrons listen to your pleas and offer you deals you may want to deny. Sometimes (if homebrew) I even just wing it, if that's the type of game you want to go with. Is there a system I haven't mentioned that's newer, or a one page RPG? I am more than willing to look it over and check out if I'm the right DM for you! I look forward to being your storyteller and seeing what fun tales we can keep memories of forever!

GM style

Roleplaying is my bread and butter, especially when we can dive into the depths of the world, adding political intrigue, consequences, nightmares and darkness to the games. I adore seeing friendships built and relationships blossom; cities created from nothing but the resources you find around a once empty town. Rescue children and take them in as your own, run businesses, build empires, or just go on an adventure and rob every town blind. Now, what if you want fights? Don't worry, I have that covered too. I love throwing hard to deadly encounters where sometimes running is the best option. Want something with roleplay AND fighting, there is usually clever ways to trick or convince many of the bad guys to not fight, but sometimes it's near impossible or may not be worth the price. While my games can go dark (including evil games, if that's your cup of tea), I will always keep in mind safety tools/Lines and Veils, to ensure that everyone at the table is happy, comfortable and wanting to keep going. If something is pushing boundaries, I will reach out privately during game to ensure you're okay and reach out for secret rolls a lot. In D&D 5e specifically all death saves are rolled privately, as well as saves that rely on things that others shouldn't know. I am available during most weekdays, and also Wednesday and Thursday nights with notice. Weekends can work too, again with notice.


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