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Nick Freedson-(NicklebeeDnD)
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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Voices

About me

Hello, adventurers! My name is Nick (they/he) and I'm a playwright, actor, and dungeon master rolling dice out of Brooklyn, New York. With a background in theatre and playwriting, I bring a sense of story and character driven plots to the forefront of my games. I enjoy using character voices for all NPC's in the games I run so expect me to wear many faces as I lead you through the whimsical and wonderful world of Tabletop roleplaying games! I always make sure to use safety tools at the table and session 0's whenever possible to establish player boundaries during gameplay. Tabletop Roleplaying games are meant to be fun and ya can't have fun when boundaries aren't respected. TTRPG's are a way for everyone to express their creativity through heroics and teamwork. I'm simply the storyteller and set the stage for the players to explore. But a story always needs heros. So, adventurer! Let's tell an epic tale together and roll those dice!

GM style

My playstyle encompasses story and character driven plots. I love to incorporate player backstories into the campaign to make the world feel more personal and immerse the players in the stakes of the campaign. I thoroughly enjoy character voices and acting so if heavy character roleplay is your style, then we'll get along swimmingly. I love to make combat descriptive and throw it at my players as a way to further the plot rather than simply a random encounter on the road. TTRPG's are a group activity so I'm all about cooperative storytelling! We build the world together and save it like the heros we all are at heart.


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