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About me

A games master who has been running the 2d20 games system since its inception with the Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition Kickstarter, and these days currently more focused on running Robert E. Howard's Conan and also Star Trek Adventures. Another ruleset of popular games at the table includes Fria Ligan's Year Zero Engine products with Coriolis The Third Horizon alongside the Alien RPG. Classical d100 games like the Warhammer 40K line and Warhammer Fantasy Role Play line are also run along with the common D&D 5th edition and older 3rd edition.

GM style

Easy going and newbie-friendly GM style, with rules introduced gradually during play, instead of front-loading all up front. Combat encounters with battle maps and all requisite dice provided by GM especially for systems with rare dice like Genesys. Action packed sessions with a heroic fantasy or space opera style to them. Game lore is provided to those unfamiliar with it via a narrative third-party perspective. IMPORTANT: TPKs are not expected unless the Players are really pushing for those, even in the Alien RPG. No PC-vs-PC violence is allowed at the table, unless all Players agree to that style of play.


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