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About me

Hi! I'm Shawn but I go by Murphy on the webs. I have been a GM for roughly 30 years and ran/played a wide variety of games and systems. Disclaimer: I am primarily a horror/modern/near future GM. I am learning D&D 5E but I am newish to that particular system. That being said, I am open to running custom games and modules from whatever system provided I'm given some advance notice to prep. Thanks in advance. What I Provide: *A chill virtual table where YOU are the stars of the show *A friendly, inclusive atmosphere *A shared collaborative story and sandbox to play in What I Expect: I have a campaign rules document that I normally read aloud during Session Zero and discuss so there are no misunderstandings or problems later down the road. Rule #1: DON'T BE A JERK (Wheaton's Law paraphrased). I realize that we might be strangers to each other, but we are here to have fun and one person hogging the spotlight or cheating or trying to kill everything regardless of consequences is being a jerk. Don’t do that. This rule also applies to me as the Gamemaster. I am not going to actively screw your characters. I honestly don't care about MY story. I'm just providing a framework for y'alls tale. Rule #2 You are a HERO Even if you are playing a cold emotionless scarred veteran, ultimately you are one of the Good Guys. You should keep in mind that your actions in game will have consequences and repercussions in the game world. You will find it easier to get along in my worlds as heroes rather than villains. Rule #3 You are on a TEAM You are on a team. You don't have to like everyone in your crew but you do have to work with them to survive. Lone wolves tend to die quickly in my games without support. Everyone has things they excel at and Everyone will get there shining moments. Also unless you have REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD reasons, don't betray your posse or you might find yourself out in the cold or swingin' from a rope. Rule #4 Leave the Real World at the Door. I know we are living in interesting times, but discussions of politics/religion/real world events are not allowed at my table. We are here to escape all that. In addition, my virtual table is open to everyone regardless of race, color, creed, gender identity, etc etc. We are here to have fun and tell awesome stories. Rule #5 Share and Share alike You don't have to share your loot but unless you are making your own food, providing your own transportation, and guarding your own back while you sleep, you are being a greedy jerk. See Rule #1 Rule #6 Have Fun. If you aren't having fun/ Have OOC issues with the ways someone is acting, let me know. I can police the game and if necessary remove the problem. Rule #7 The GM is always right. Don't start arguments IC if you disagree with something that I rule on. You don't have to cheat to win. You win by becoming Heroes. Because Heroes become Legends and Legends live forever. That being said if you have an issue with a ruling, we can discuss it OFF CAMERA and OUT OF GAME. I am always open to house ruling something if your idea seems more cool or makes more sense. I use Discord for voice chat but also set up question channels, meme channels, and in character RP channels as I know that some folks communicate better by typing it out. I use Roll20 but I am looking at expanding out to other VTTs. I am flexible and will accomodate your needs as best as I can. My games tend to be R rated but I will be using Session Zero, XNO cards and Stars/Wishes. The priority is for YOU to be having fun in a safe space. Should you decide to give my game a try, you will receive links to Discord and roll20 and I will do character creation/session zero before the scheduled game. Thanks in advance for reading all of this and happy gaming!

GM style

I enjoy creating immersive campaigns based off your characters. By that I mean, I never use GMPCs or try to railroad you into following the canned text in a module. I prioritize player agency and fun over everything else. I live for creating the awesome moments in a game. I try to provide character voices and have been told I have a voice for radio. While I can do crunchy tactical combat, I prefer narrative over numbers. Rule of Cool rules all. I like detailed backstories with lots of hooks.


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