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About me

Old school gamer turned new school gamer. That's right the late 70s when zero hit points meant DEATH. I played in middle school and high school in the 70s-80s. I played Basic D&D, AD&D, Gamma World, Traveller, Top Secret, GURPS, and even the Warhammer RPG. My (now adult) children asked me to run a game for them several years ago and I started a three-year campaign for them and their friends. I now run one-shots with family and friends. I enjoy getting out from behind the GM screen to play at conventions. And playing some other TTRPGS like Monster of the Week and Blades in the Dark. Covid-19 forced me to learn to play online. So many new tools (cool, maps, tokens, and sound effects.) By the way, I am an educator (art teacher turned administrator) so I can communicate and work with a diverse group of people. I am also very imaginative and creative when I design encounters.

GM style

My goal is to be the GM I would want to have as a player. I see the role of a GM as playing with the other players not against. I run fun challenging games. I try to include all three pillars in my games. I do like to design different combat and challenging situations the most. I also like to see players dip into their skills to solve problems creatively. I endeavor to do character voices when I do not get too wrapped up in the story myself. I do not want you my dear player to think every NPC or monster is me. They will each have different motivations and strategies to stay alive to fight another day. I like to use music and sound effects as much as I can to flesh out the story and influence the mood of the game (I also believe too much gets in the way.) I like to have fun and be funny but keep that in check because not everyone appreciates a good pun as I do.

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