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Mark T.

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Mark T.

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About me

I've been playing RPGs for 25+ years, primarily as a Game Master / DM. I ran and played in several campaigns that lasted years and also enjoy running events and one-shot groups with old and new players. I was the main GM in Dice Crimes, an RPG podcast for 3 years, but the network we were with went down. I'm re-posting episodes slowly myself if you want to hear how I run games. I enjoy role playing and working with the group to make a story we'll all remember. Not a min-maxer. Currently looking to run or play in D&D 5E, Shadowrun 5E, The Strange (cypher system), and Dark Heresy in the Fantasy Flight Warhammer 40,000 RPG.

GM style

When I play RPGs, I like to start with an egg of an idea, we as a group will incubate it for a while, and then we will find out together what kind of wonderful or abominable thing we've created. Both outcomes for the characters can be fun! At the end of the game session, I want people to feel like they did something, they learned a bit about the story or their character, and they'd want to do it again. Flexibility in style is key for both me and the players - we need to have a Green Eggs & Ham mentality at the table. Try it, you might like it! I prefer theater of the mind style games most of the time. But if it's a big thing we know is happening, I'll bring the maps and models. If there's no rails on this RPG train, I'll sketch something out close enough and we'll figure it out. Some people play to escape whatever they consider normal. Some play to be more like themselves that they might not show the rest of the world. Most are looking to find others who want to have a good time. At this table, we could be all three. If you're looking for 2 out of 3, well, that's pretty good for baseball. It should be good for a RPG.


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