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About me

Kia ora, Hi and Huzzah! I'm Evan aka Maori_Nerd on Twitch and Twitter. I've been playing TTRPGs since I was a wide eyed kid growing up in NZ in the 80's and begged my folks for the D&D Basic Red Box. Game changer for tiny past me. I had a big gap and really got back into D&D with 3.5 edition and then online with Roll20 and 5th edition, which has lead me to meet and tell stories with so many people around the world. It's not all D&D though! I also play and run other TTRPGs including Alien RPG, Tales from the Loop, Things from the Flood, all of which I've produced and stream on Twitch (I made a little showreel to give you a taste! As a New Zealand Māori, representation from all walks of life is very important to me so I encourage more diversity inclusivity and at my table. My links to socials are below if you wanna see what I'm about!

GM style

I've been told my playstyle is 'rule of cool' (as long as it doesn't break the game!), so if you're a rules lawyer, I may not be to your liking. I'm into Epic Moments and sweet roleplay scenes. Collaborative storytelling is what we're doing! I like to get folks who are curious or new into a game where they feel comfortable and encourage them to have memorable role playing moments mixed in with thrilling encounters. Regardless if you're a new player or veteran, everyone will ALL get their moment to shine during a session. I like to prep and make notes (and encourage players to do the same) which helps keep character backstories in my mind to improv into the session. Really gives your character some depth if we pull a little thread from their history. I use a mix of Theatre of the Mind and battlemaps depending on the situation. We can build the richness of a world through our exposition but sometimes it's also great to move your tokens around a beautiful map and get tactical on a VTT with dynamic lighting and audio tracks adding to the immersion. Making sure my players have a great experience is what I'm about. If you're new we can go through character creation together and a little tutorial on using a virtual tabletop (VTT) like Roll20. And finally, but super important. Player safety. I use Lines and Veils and an X card macro during the game but will share an anonymous consent form with players which we all can submit our preferences, boundaries and phobias etc.


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