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GM Manny

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About me

GM Manny has been part of the community since 1996 AD&D2nd Edition. Loves everything about the hobby. From minis to maps to storytelling and lore. GM Manny offers paid weekly games you can count on. Weekly 3-hour D&D 5e and ShadowDark RPG game sessions on Owlbear Rodeo and Foundry VTT using official D&D 5e campaign materials supplemented with additional maps, music and sound effects, 3D dice rolling, Dynamic Lighting (revealing maps as you explore), sourcebook/compendium sharing. We use Discord for audio and each group gets its own channels to talk between games. New or experienced players and those just coming back to D&D, learning 5th Edition, or the exciting new ShadowDark RPG rules are welcome. You’ll learn as you play.

GM style

As a GM I am more RAW (“Rules As Written”) and lean into RAI (“Rules As Intended”) where a feature or spell is unclear. I prefer story over mechanics, and hope to see some contributions from you to make the story more fun through role playing. I do voices for NPCs and have worked up backgrounds for key NPCs as much as possible. D&D5e Roll for Stats (roll six sets of 4d6 dice, drop the lowest die from each set) or use Standard Array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8). We use Milestone leveling, so you don't have to track XP. OSR and Shadowdark RPG Roll for stats (Roll three sets of 3d6 down the line, keep one of your choice, reroll if no stats are 14+). We use XP leveling, treasure, gold, and carousing for XP. Please don't make UA or homebrew characters, evil characters (unless we are specifically playing an evil campaign), or races and classes from other worlds than the one we’re playing in. No player vs player violence or stealing from the party members. Games are conducted in English.

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