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About me

Well met adventurer! I have been playing various RPG's since my childhood and my first introduction to D&D and MERP/Rolemaster. Since then, adventures have been had in Palladium, Paranoia, Call of Cthulhu, World of Darkness, and many others, but you can usually find me telling tales in the Forgotten Realms (D&D 5e), and in Golarion (Pathfinder 2E)

GM style

I try to give all characters a time and place to shine in all that they do. I love some good ol' tactical combats, but with descriptive actions, not just numbers thrown around. If a session felt like an episode of your favorite fantasy show/series, then that's a success. Most games I put together are mid to long term campaigns, most from hardcover adventures (The Yawning Portal, Dungeon the Mad Mage, etc.) with on-the-fly adjustments as necessary. I also like running one-shot adventures (sometimes in Adventurers League or PFS).


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