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Lythari(James Fenton)

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About me

Hello! My names is James Fenton. I have been a roleplayer for 33 years, since the age of 7. I ran my first game at the age of 15, AD&D that heavily borrowed from one of my favorite cartoons at the time-King Arthur and the Knights of Justice. I have been consistently playing and have been a Storyteller for a ton of various games types over the years. Most of them I have only had contact with for less than a handful of game sessions. I am most familiar with the various editions of D&D, The World of Darkness, Call of Cthulhu, and to a certain extent Shadowrun/Cyberpunk/other D20 Modern and futuristic systems. I am not against either learning a new system, or becoming more familiar with with an old system to run a game for the right group of people. I am a Storyteller at heart and have no problem coming up with new and interesting ideas. I have multiple long form campaigns for D&D 5e, since that is what I have been running recently. While long form campaigns are my preference, I routinely run One-Shots and Miniseries campaigns to test out my homebrew classes, archetypes, feats, etc. I like my players to feel heroic and as such I usually have very few or no restrictions on character creation. I have run games where the players are Chosen of the gods, infected with psionic powers, gestalt(running two classes at the same time), etc. I have run military campaigns, wizard school adventures, pulled out of time style encounters, etc. Basically, if you are a group of players looking for an adaptable, experienced Storyteller send me a message and lets see if we are a good match. Huzzah and well met travelers!

GM style

If you play at my table, you play in a dynamic world. A world that is constantly changing. A world where actions have consequences. Every campaign is connected and every one-shot has affects across multiple dimensions. I, generally, run games that are a balance of combat, exploration, social challenges, and real world mysteries/puzzle solving. The more sessions I run with a particular group of players, the more I am able to find the perfect balance that works specifically for them.


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