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About me

Hear ye hear ye, intrepid adventurers, and welcome to the world of Dungeons and Dragons! I am Luxreaper, your warmhearted and dedicated Dungeon Master, here to accompany you on your adventures into custom homebrewed worlds unknown and adventuring modules untamed, in the systems of D&D 5e. With multiple campaigns under my belt and thousands of hours on Roll20, Discord, and Owlbear Rodeo, I strive to bring fantasy to life with deep worldbuilding, dynamic characters, and a story bound to keep you up for nights on end wondering what's next. A consistent and creative DM with 5 years of experience, my sessions feature a balanced mix of roleplay, exploration, and combat, with shenanigans mixed in bound to get you laughing. I work hard to ensure that my games are accessible and inclusive, and dedicate many hours to personalising fine details of backstory and lore to help everyone feel at home at the table. As a side note, I have professional training in how to use TTRPGs as a therapeutic tool, and ensuring that everyone feels safe at the table is one of my utmost priorities. If this is something you would like to explore in one of my games, please let me know! While I am NOT a licensed therapist, I am working on it, and have a bachelors in psychology currently. Whether you're seasoned or new, I'm here to ensure that each session is a session to remember. So grab your dice and pull up a chair for a night of fun and a story the likes of which have never been seen before!

GM style

For me, fun is the most important aspect of any TTRPG, and to have fun there needs to be respect, consent, and communication. Every game I run begins with a discussion of the ground rules, custom rules, and game elements that players want to see at the table, and I work hard to ensure a harmonious and pleasant table atmosphere at all times. Every session starts with a check in, and players are encouraged to reach out between sessions for lore, personal concerns, or simply just to chat. Don't worry about time. I will always respect everyone's time, and start on time, and communicate changes or shifts early. In my sessions I strive to bring a well-rounded mix of exploration, roleplay, and combat to create a thrilling and memorable experience every week, but my core focus for the game is always the story being told. In this, I promise to work at length with my players to weave their characters into the world, bring each NPC to life, and dedicate hours to the creation of an epic adventure that's worth regaling for years to come. I tend to be a little loose and fast with RAW and RAI, and see systems as suggestions to be built upon and customised. This means I'm open to homebrew and enjoy working with players to ensure whatever helps bring the vision of a character or world to life is balanced with the rest of the game. You guys are the main characters. You deserve to feel like it.

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