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About me

PLEASE NOTE: Gender is a funny thing. Old reviews may refer to me as Megan or The Bearded Lady. I now go by Luke and use he/him pronouns, but I cannot promise that’ll be the case forever. Hail and well-met, adventurers! My name is Luke, and though Dungeons & Dragons was banned from my house as a child, I have discovered the joys of TTRPGs as an adult and have been running games as a GM for over a decade now. I cut my teeth on Savage Worlds, moved onto Pathfinder 1e, and eventually moved onto D&D 5e when Curse of Strahd came out. Now, I am on team Pathfinder 2e. I have been a professional GM in some capacity since 2017, when I started running games for teens at my library. I have built up a dedicated following of players that have returned for my games since the very beginning, and there are so many players that want to take part that I’ve had to split the program up into multiple groups to allow everyone to play. I am a talented writer, having graduated magna cum laude with a degree in creative writing in 2014. I pride myself on seamlessly incorporating character backstory into my campaigns, even when running a pre-written adventure.

GM style

I am somewhere between a “by the books” GM and an “anything goes” GM. I believe that the structure of the rules of TTRPGs is fundamental to playing and enjoying the game, while I also believe in the “Rule of Cool” overriding them when appropriate. Sometimes something is so awesome that the rules can be bent a little, or a lot. I tend to prefer running published modules, but I always heavily mod them and add my own twist to the stories, especially when it comes to integrating character backstories. Two of my best campaigns, which I actually finished, are the aforementioned Curse of Strahd and the Pathfinder Adventure Path Reign of Winter, and I was praised for my ability to incorporate the stories of the characters into a published campaign.

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