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About me

As a player within D&D 5e, I always craved more. I needed more story, in-depth NPCs (with reasonable motivation!), politics and history that were fully fleshed out, and a generally more cohesive world. I recognized that it’s a lot to ask of a DM and began working at my own world right away. Now, having had a few campaigns under my belt, I feel comfortable creating interesting worlds (or fleshing out worlds that've already been made) that meet the needs of those who are RP oriented and driven by a good story. I have a relaxed play style as a DM and generally prefer running intrigue style campaigns but find that variety is the ✨spice✨ of life.

GM style

I thoroughly enjoy role playing and high fantasy politics. While I understand the mechanics of the game, I find that the story, character interests, and interconnections of game play are what make the game worth playing. I (usually) don’t enforce mechanics that break immersion or get in the way of the story. However, I prefer to establish player preference of game play in session zero. I do create in-depth, 4K maps for each encounter and change in environment. I usually run my campaigns on TTS to make this more feasible but do have experience printing these maps. Additionally, I strive to engage each PC (using their backstory and game play choices) with the world, giving them something to grasp and care about. That being said, I value player autonomy and view it as your game.


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