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Hello and welcome adventurer! I've been GMing TTRPG's for just over a Decade and in that time I have focused much of my skills in the realm of Roleplaying as the various NPC's that my players will encounter in their journeys with me, along with building my own custom world of Akoris. Each of these games have wildly different themes, but I do tend to stick to a more Gritty style of tone. I pride myself on Consistency in the setting and always work to make the world my players play in feel alive and active. I am always excited to see what characters, players bring to the table and see them unleashed upon the world and those around them. Though be warned I will pick apart your character's backstory and find all gems to make use of, both in your characters favor, and against them. I tend to favor a RP-heavy games with challenging combat in a ~60-40 split, though this does vary at times. I focus primarily on D&D 5e, and WFRP 4e, though I have run a campaign in Pathfinder and multiple oneshots in other systems. I run my games on FoundryVTT and over Discord. I run LGBTQ+ friendly games and LGBTQ+ elements will show up in my games, so if you have any issues with that, then I am not the DM for you.

GM style

I tend to focus on RP with Challenging Combat in a ~60-40 split. I love creating various different kinds of Characters who act based on traits and goals that they may have. Most of my campaigns end up having at least some Political elements, primarily because that seems to be a natural side effect of PC's taking an interest in changing the world around them and I enjoy taking such elements and expanding upon them. I pride myself on consistency in the world and how things work/should work in the world. This ranges from rules to things in the world, that means if you go to the lair of a dragon at 3rd level and steal some treasure and the dragon catches you, your character is not going to have a good time. Now that doesn't mean that the dragon will immediately kill you, but it could mean that now you are in that dragon's service for the time being. I find that Death is the most boring thing that a DM can do to a player, but death is still a threat. My games will always be LGBTQ+ and will have LGBTQ+ NPC's within them, even if they may not necessarily be obvious. If you are not ok with that then I am not the DM for you. That said, my World, Akoris, is not a wonderland where everyone gets along. It is typically a darker, grittier world where bigots do exist. Calling Akoris a Dark setting would however be misleading and so I'll just settle upon it being a grey world. Alignment is something I don't stick to very heavily, at least not without adding a third axis to the chart but even then they remain more guidelines.

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