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About me

Greetings adventurers, During daylight, I am a freelance developer and CEO of my small development studio, after work, I dad my 2yo son until bedtime, once the small one sleeps, it's game time! As an entrepreneur you can expect dedication into the craft I do, I learn fast from the best and always thrive to do better. I invest in the best assets and tools to bring you action-packed journeys where your decisions matter and your character will live, or die, with the consequences. There is truth in dice, and I like to make them sing. I expect my players to try and play their character making suboptimal decision based on the dice they throw. My objective is to make sure you are having a good time where each member of the party can actively interact regularly and evolve their character.

GM style

What you can expect from me: - a lovely light french accent - commitment for scheduled sessions - voice effect for important NPCs - ambiant sounds and music - high quality maps made by professional map designers - throwing the dice a lot - upholding the law, keeping to the rules - challenging gameplay that will grind your character to its limits - action-packed scenario - light-medium amount of role-play - role-play is optional and rewarded with XP, bad RP never punished, dice will decide the outcome of conversations, not your acting level - no puzzles: dice will decide if your character solve puzzles - decisions matter: if you go off tracks, I will adapt my scenario - players take turns, shy players gets to play as much as others! - beginner friendly - players safety taken seriously so everyone is having a good time - constant self-improvement and feedback-lover

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