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About me

During the pandemic when the world seemed to stop, I, like many others began to struggle with mental health. I was isolated and felt trapped. I bought the D&D Starter Set and thus, embarked on a journey that took me from hobbyist, to GM, to improviser, and writer. To this day, I still struggle with mental health. Being able to hop into the proverbial imagination machine has been a critical outlet. Isolation is a significant factor is suicide. Welcome to Project BEACON! As a new GM to this platform, Project BEACON is my vision to combat isolation by connecting people through the power, nay, the MAGIC of collaborative storytelling and improvisational role play. Project BEACON’s mission is twofold. First is to provide a vibrant and safe online sanctuary promoting suicide prevention and mental health awareness. Second, is to provide professionally facilitated TTRPGs. Project BEACON’s Discord server is more than a place where we gather to play pretend. With a heavy focus on mental wellbeing and self improvement—I offer a crisis hotline and vent channel where all are free to discuss their troubles, daily discussions pertaining to Stoicism, a weekly discussion pertaining to self awareness, a monthly topic usually surrounding a book, and expert fitness and nutrition programming for all levels. Please, join myself, and others in this endeavor—

GM style

In order to run an adventure, I must first become the adventure. Do I consume it or does it consume me? This is no small trick...I must become the big bad evil guy and act as they would act. The same may be said for the travelling merchant or tavern keeper. Once players sit down at the table, the adventure becomes a dance. As you, the player, pretends to be someone else, we dance. I lead you to feel as your character would feel-fear, joy, sorrow. I lead you to act as your character might act- do boldy step into fate or strategically retreat to live another day? Who is leading who now? We never know where this dance may lead. As others join in, a story is told in the tracks of our steps. Let us not forget the dice. The dice sing. They orchestrate the music to which we dance and we never know what masterpiece they will compose until we cease to dance. There are rules to the dance, sure. But they are only the boundaries that define the dance floor...the dance floor that belongs to us. We may forget the steps but the dance must go on. Will you dance with me?


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