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The first time I walked into a game store in 1992 to play D&D, I was immediately hooked. Not on the game--that came later--but on the energy of the place, on the shared community, and on those beautiful, clicky-clacky dice! (The sparkly ones are the best.) But the game they played with them let me down. "So I created this character with a personality, background and motivations, but all we ever do is stab things and take their money?" I was already in love with both drama and reading and writing fantasy, so I expected characters to have, you know, stories. Instead, one after another, they died or went on a shelf after a couple of sessions. Until two years later, when I met a DM who wove my character's background into the plot, and encouraged us to tell a long-running story together. With his example, I began running my own games, both in D&D 3.5 and in another system that allowed for more character interplay and development as well as cinematic-style combat. After running those early games for a few years, we moved far away and I stepped back from the TTRPG scene to raise a family. But I never lost my passion for it, and in 2020 I rediscovered this love with online play. My longest 5e campaign has been running for over a year now, and I love being a DM more than almost anything else.

GM style

Here is what is most important to me to provide in a game experience: - deep character development - social interplay among characters - creative combat solutions - a world that responds authentically to the player's actions (or inaction!) - as much freedom as I can give the players as possible, while making sure that no one else at the table is overshadowed. That said, my "training" was in old-school D&D: early dungeon-crawling editions where the emphasis was on survival--and I love the tension and excitement that brings. So I'm always looking for great tweaks from older editions and other systems that will support the type of game my players want--whether that's gritty and grim, light and cozy, or somewhere in between! I work hard to cultivate a custom experience for my players in three ways: - developing characters they actually want to play, even if we have to stray outside of the official books - thoughtfully tailoring the adventures around the theme and tone my players want to explore, and character backstories where possible - constantly improving my ability to immerse them in the story through crafting descriptive scenes, music, voices and artwork. I have up-close and personal experience with social anxiety and neurodivergence, so I don't expect or demand that players use different voices or "act" their character. Instead, I provide an environment where players feel safe and encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone and experiment with play acting and character interaction. I'm not a trained voice actor, so we're all experimenting together. My favorite part of all of this is seeing players gain confidence in their characters and in themselves as the game goes on, and watching the bond between the party grow! I have a heart for teaching beginners and especially love bringing women into the game. If it sounds like my games are the type of experience you're looking for, book in one of my open games or shoot me a message and we'll find a time that works for you!

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