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About me

Hey, my name is Craig! I'm an artist and musician from the Philadelphia area and have been playing DnD since 2nd edition! I've been playing DnD most of my life and have always enjoyed introducing new people to the TTRPG hobby. Whenever possible I love to make my own stuff for Tabletop games, whether that means miniatures, illustrations, maps, or lore.

GM style

At heart, I am more of an improv-er and roleplay-er rather than a strategist when it comes to running games, but I always try to bring a complete experience to the table to satisfy a diverse group of players. It's important to me that everyone gets a chance to shine in the spotlight and have problems their characters can solve. My favorite games to run are sandbox-style games where the players are really driving the action and prompting me with the things they most want to do and see, but I also love delving into a carefully crafted dungeon with puzzles and riddles and unique combat challenges to solve. Expect some silliness and jokes, some fumbling around, but also some moments of badassery and occasional heavier emotions. I'm a bit more old-school in that I don't mind killing characters, but I'm also ok with ret-conning things if the players aren't having fun or felt misinformed about a decision. I hope to make my table feel like one big supportive family environment, even when I'm threatening you all with deadly challenges. All kinds of players welcome, grognards on warning.

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