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About me

I am an experienced game master in a variety of games from D&D to Shadowrun to Castle Falkenstein to Vampire the Masquerade and many games in between. My tables use Lines & Veils, are LGBTQIA+ and BIMPOC respectful, and prioritize consent. I have run games on a few Twitch channels, including TheHypeGoblin, TheWanderingSociety, ActionFiction, and FaeforgeAcademy. I am the lead game designer on the Omens Rising project and have ample experience designing and tweaking mechanics.

GM style

My GMing style leans RP-heavy and PC-centric. I pride myself in sharing the spotlight across all player characters and integrating their personal stories into the overall plot. I consider crunchy tactical combat to be a bonus layer to games that would benefit it, but not a necessity for all games. I prefer to run recurring custom games but am equally comfortable running one-shots and module games. Samples: D&D - Castle Falkenstein -


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