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About me

From a young age, I've always wanted to share my creativity with the world, though thank to my own insecurities I believed a faceless author was my best and only option. Then along came TTRPGS. So many beautiful people and voices telling their own tales in their own spaces. Sharing experiences, working through real world issues in fantasy settings, and being hilarious all the while. I dipped a few toes in as a teenager, though always as a player filling in whatever role the party needed, going along in the murder-hoboish ways. Through some great learning experiences and trial and error, I was able to use the skills I learned as a writer and apply them as a player to try and help craft stories within the DM's world. In the autumn on 2020, I decided to put on the hat of the GM, and it has been a weekly learning experience ever since. It has been a thrill to take the characters my friends give me, and give them a world that allows them to explore their own arcs, develop themselves and have fun. I hope to bring that same energy and personalized content to a wider group of people. Armed with a bright sense of humour, a passion for world building and years of practice and turning ideas into words, I stand ready to help bring you and your friends what I hope to be the best experience that TTRPGs have to offer!

GM style

Personally, my ideal session to GM is heavy on roleplay. I enjoy descriptive emotional moments and trying different accents for different characters. Combat is usually made to feel just as personalized as non-combat moments. Even though I personally enjoy exploration and character development through means other than combat, I try to make my games have a healthy mix of both. I think my job as a GM is to create a space for everyone to enjoy themselves, and my 'style' allows for me to take a backseat during early world building and allow my players to let me know what they're looking for, and implementing it accordingly! If a part wishes for crunchy tactical combat, I am on board, though I absolutely shine during moments of conflict that does not revolve around combat!


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