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About me

[15+ years experience, Begginer friendly, LGBTQ++ Friendly, Improvisation and fun focused] Hello there! I am a very adaptable and fun focused professional trans dungeon master, who is much more about making fun homebrew settings and cool stories around your characters, with the absolute goal of allowing people to have fun in my campaigns. I have more then a decade worth of experience with TTRPG's, and I love the adventures so much I even went to game design college. My specialty is going with the player's flow and improvisation, taking the game to wild places, and making every big decision from the players count! Not only that, but I also like to make a more living, breathing world that will give your characters many opportunities to talk with plenty of different and interesting people, with the ocasional funny accent thrown in. If these are your first steps into the world of Online RPG's, worry not, for I will also help you learn and thrive in this world! I am used to introducing new players into many different RPG systems in a way that they can join in the fun without needing to worry! Not only that, but I am available for chatting and asking questions even outside of the games. LGBTQ++ friendly as well, and well used to vastly different cultures as well. (I am from Brazil, but don't tell anyone!) I have experience in DM'ing many different systems (and read the books on a lot more), but my specialty would be Fate, with its easy to learn, free-flowing systems that let the Players have a level of freedom that few systems really allow. I have done games in many different settings and styles, like: -Magical Girls fighting to protect their city not only from strange invaders from a colorless world, but also rival groups of magical beings that want to further their own agenda. -Serious Super Hero social dramas, where super powered people became a big enough minority that their existance could have not been kept a secret by the governments. The world changed, and with that, the characters had to pick sides and do what it takes to survive. -Warhammer 40k escape from a dying planet: In the grim darkness of the 41st millenium, a planet has been deemed too far gone to be recoverable by the imperium, and an Exterminatus order has been given. A group of rogue traders have to go through the darkest recesses of a hive city to find a way to escape, or else be forgotten to die in this uncaring universe. -The Demon Hunter's Guild: Based on the "The painted man" book series, adapted to DnD 5e, the story is set on a world where cities have to be magically warded against undying demons that only come out at night, rising from any naked uncovered ground. A few adventurers robbing a tomb discovered a way to permanently kill demons and decrease their population for good, and thus, founded the Demon Hunters Guild, attracting all sorts of enemies and allies to their cause! If you want custom campaigns in different or whacky settings, send me a message! We can definitely talk about it! I also make 18+ campaigns!

GM style

I am first and foremost, a fan of my players and will give them the time to shine. Fun and coolness will come first, but things are balanced and well thought out behind the curtains (or the DM screen). Encounters of all kinds are available, as I can make tactical tricksy spec-ops and whacky chaotic brawls alike! I can improvise stories, twists and player choices with little issue, and keep a big library of resources at hand to be used as the adventure dictates. I also make custom maps for specific encounters when nescessary!

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