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About me

Hey, I'm Keith, though most people call me by my online handle, Keth. I've been playing/running ttrpgs off and on for a little over a decade in several systems. Pathfinder 2e has become my go-to system of choice for high fantasy play and I love helping new players find their footing with the system and seeing what each table comes up with as character concepts or strategies to overcome the challenges they face as a team while adventuring.

GM style

I enjoy having all of the traditional aspects of ttrpgs in my games. I must say I enjoy having dynamic combat encounters very much. From terrain hazards to lines of sight and height disparities. I really love having encounters that feel unique based not just on what the players are battling, but where. Exploration and social encounters are by no means uncommon at my tables, though. Depending on the adventure there may be a lavish banquet where the party can extract information from NPCs, or attempting to solve ancient puzzles deep in a long forgotten tomb.

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