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About me

Howdy there! I am a professional actor with experience in both voice-over as well as musical theatre! My hobbies outside of ttrpgs include video games, and singing. A taste of my voice acting range: A feel of my tables: My Stream Clone Wars Campaign: I started playing tabletops with D&D around late 2017 and fell in love with it. As time has gone on, I've learned my way around more systems and my friends were encouraging me to dive into DMing for them, and here we are now! I currently run a Star Wars 5e stream campaign set during the Clone Wars called "Revenge of the Crit" that's over 80 episodes and counting. My favorite thing about DMing is being able to collaborate and come up with a compelling and fun story with a variety of players. It's also a great outlet for me to practice all these voices and storytelling. I am all about making a campaign experience not only suited for the group but will also leave everyone satisfied. Most of my experience running and playing is with either D&D 5e or Star Wars 5e so either of those systems would be the systems I use for the games I offer. I look forward to sharing memories with you at the table! ❤️

GM style

Before we play: 1. Fill out the necessary documentation (consent form and discussing player expectations). 2. Arrange a private Pre-session 0 interview to ensure a good fit. 3. Let the adventure begin! ⚔️ What to expect: 🎙️Professional audio quality and voice acting 🖥️Experienced in Virtual Tabletop Tools 🔥Rule of Cool advocate 🎭Interesting NPCs with varying personalities and voices 👹 Terrifying and intense enemies and encounters 🔀 Intriguing narratives with satisfying twists and turns 🎲 Adaptable storytelling shaped by the player’s choices and rolls 🎶 Curated Music playlist to provide ambiance and immersion ❤️ Friendly and welcoming to all players no matter their background, identity, or experience


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