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About me

I am an extremely passionate worldbuilder and storyteller. All of my campaigns are set in a homebrew world which I have run many campaigns through. Every story I tell is unique, and often times I use the repercussions of my players' actions to set the stage for other players campaigns. I have three years experience as a dm, but every day since I started this passion I have been falling down the rabbit hole. From painting a world map, to creating my own unique set of gods, countries, empires, factions, different eras, past and future civilizations. There is very little I haven't thought about, yet there is so much I don't know, scale of the world is ever expanding and as long as I have free time I will continue to explore those blank spaces, learn, and build more about my world with the help of my players. I hope to create a memorable and maybe even heartfelt experience for each player. My games are story focused. No murderhobos, no thinly veiled fantasy racism, no edgelords. Also I am an evil evil man who feeds off of player tears.

GM style

I love roleplay when there is comfort with the group. Voices and accents will slip in from time to time and I like to create memorable npcs for the party to interact with. I try to add a layer to combat to keep it engaging, whether it be emotional stakes, or a crucial plot point is involved. Unless its a boss fight I try to have combat be more than just "kill the bad people". I love incorporating puzzles based on scripts I have designed. Each campaign I run I see as an opportunity to develop my world, both forwards and backwards. I like to take something from my hands as the crafter of the world and put it in the players' so the narrative of the world can be affected outside of my own control. My favourite element of storytelling is mystery. I will always have figures behind the curtain pulling levers. I find layering in mystery is a good way to inform and understand the setting and adventure being created. This is regardless of whether or not the characters are engaging with the mystery, not every campaign needs to unravel the deepest and darkest secrets of the cosmos, but the threads are always there to be pulled.

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