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Jesse T. William

2 years on StartPlaying

698 games hosted

Highly rated for: Storytelling, World Builder, Creativity

About me

I started playing dnd in early 2019 with a close friend of mine after getting into Critical Role a number of months prior. I quickly got the itch and began to build my own world and run games in it. When the pandemic hit, I fell head first into the hobby, and my life has not been the same since. One setting became a whole world, and I was consumed heart and soul with telling stories with my friends. I love building settings, mythologies, and cosmic creations to populate my world. It is not very often when a day has passed in which I have not added to my world in some way. I am now approaching 500 professionally run games on startplaying, and I have found the thing I want to do for the rest of my life. I hope to continue to make memorable and meaningful experiences for players in my games and in my community. It is important to me that my games remain story first, and more importantly a safe space for marginalized folks. No murderhobos, no thinly veiled fantasy racism, no edgelords.

GM style

Central to my gm style is theme. Each campaign is guided by a strong set of themes for the characters and players to navigate and explore. These themes are supported by rich and robust settings, all belonging in my homebrew world. I ask players to take a step into the unknown, and learn a new world with its own histories, gods, demigods, planes, and more. The more I develop my world through the campaigns I run the more I find myself creating homebrew classes and races for players to play with. Many of my games do require a high degree of buy in, as I get deeper into stories and find niche parts of my world to tell stories, my games lean further away from the classic dnd and fantasy tropes. My games are all connected in a great web of history, wether it be distant connections across characters, demigods, and the divine, or groups of campaigns connected in the same story. The cross over experience is a core part of the gameplay, and through it I attempt to deepen the players connection to the world, events, and each other. My biggest achievement as a professional dm has been creating a community around my games where players can connect with others across campaigns, in and out of character. I like to create sprawling campaigns, telling stories over great distances of time and travel. Most importantly I like to see how dozens of players can work towards an end. To see how their decisions shape the outcomes of events, and how they leave their mark. My games run in theatre of the mind, and I find myself often bending the rules of 5e in favour of narratively interesting outcomes for the players. I try to add layers to combat, and give encounters depth beyond 'fight the bad guy'. Wether it be through dynamic elements of an encounter in chases or terrain, or high narrative stakes. All in all my games are complex and layered, with much to bite into if you have the space and interest!

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