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Ayo, Bread here. Throughout my life I have always liked the idea of D&D but never knew what that meant until very recently. I discovered Dimension 20 a little less than a year ago and since than have nose dived into the deep end of all things D&D and other TTRPG's. Very soon after the discovery of D20 I came to a scary realization that I was much more attracted to the idea of being a DM rather than a player. The idea of creating an amazing world with my players and having fun and giving people an outlet to have fun and be comfortable sounded really appealing to me. So because of that I starting DMing and everything I thought it would be for me proved to be true.

GM style

For me, roleplay is what I live for. It's what I enjoy most about these types of games, I love decisions and choices made with the player's character in mind, even when it isn't optimal. These games can be so enthralling and emotional and I love it so much. I love to involve my players into the world building. No matter how small as a NPC to building entire kingdoms on their own. Anyway to make my players feel like they are from this world make this whole thing a lot of fun. I am not the best GM out there. I don't understand all the rules of the games I run. I am not the best voice actor out there and the best storyteller. But I love these games and I will always bring a positive and ecstatic energy to my games and you can always be sure I will give you my all.

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