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About me

I'm all about the player. I'm here to make sure you lose yourself in an amazing tabletop gaming experience. I do my best to nurture and guide new players to make sure they have an outstanding introduction to the hobby. Veteran players will be challenged by my dynamic combats and custom built monsters you haven't memorized the stats of. I'm passionate about a rich, immersive story that you can lose yourself in, with real stakes and defeat and victory in equal measure. I enjoy gritty, low stakes campaigns, as well as the epic, heroic ones. I encourage players to try new systems and push the envelope of their roleplaying abilities. I believe the ideal campaign is a mix of levity and gravitas, and strive to achieve that in all my games.

GM style

My style is player focused - I believe the focus should be on the players and player agency. I will dredge every bit of story and characters I can from your backstory, and I am happy to work in depth with players to help them craft the backstory that makes them feel like a real part of the world. I believe in combat-as-a-puzzle more than hack n' slash. Roleplaying is first and foremost in my mind, and I will strive to facilitate genuine emotional connections between your characters and npcs. I believe in slow-burn character development, and will actively push players to develop their characters in a satisfying way. Don't be fooled, however - a game without stakes has no tension, and I carefully craft nail-biting encounters for my players to challenge themselves against. I am always ready and willing to go out on a limb with character voices, and so far it has always payed off. I love prepping for games and will often craft detailed and intricate maps and players handouts to enhance the experience. Regardless of all the above, I will always push for a 0 session to set player expectations so that I can adjust my style and implementation to match what players are looking for and excited about.

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