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About me

Please come in, have a seat, may I offer you a beverage? Welcome to my table, where the story never goes where anyone intends it to. I am a storyteller first and foremost, and players are the reason for the story. My games are a balance of combat and roleplaying, with a focus on integrating player back stories into the game. The three pillars of a game are encounters, role play, and exploration, and I try to bring a balance of all three to the table. More often than not, improv will take over my creative brain and those are the moments my players tell me are the best ones during the game. I started running games four years ago after I played at a table that left a bad taste in my mouth. And I am not talking about the coffee, it was a rough game. My spouse turned to me and said how surprised they were that I had never run a game, despite playing for twenty years. A few weeks later, I started running games online for friends and family. I write campaigns, run my favourites, and generally have three or four games running at a time. I didn't know how much I would love sitting behind the screen and watching the players interact with the world I had laid out, but I regret not running games sooner. It's the best seat in the house.

GM style

I tend to encourage players to fill out simple, or even complex, back stories so that I can incorporate them into the story arc. I will write in and modify existing story lines so that players can feel their characters are involved. I love a balance of combat and roleplaying, and I have been known to "bend" rules if it would benefit the role playing or the storyline. I like to be the game master that says "Yes" instead of "No". There are a lot of aspects of gaming that players want to experience, but most games don't permit them at their table. If a player presents the case of what they want to do, I work with them so that everyone at the table can enjoy the game and they get to play with something they have never been able to previously. I also know my limits and my boundaries and am not afraid of communicating that so the game can continue to run smoothly.


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