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Tristan "Gremlinism" Tapia
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Tristan "Gremlinism" Tapia

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25 years
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5 years
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45 games

About me

Hello Hero! I'm Tristan, aka Gremlinism. I'm an Australian based GM where I've been playing TTRPGs since the mid 90's and running games for the last five years. I've run everything from intricate multi-campaign stories with lots of political intrigue and world ending threats to simple, chaos-fuelled Paranoia one-shots. I've even had players play their own campaign's villains in small evil one-shots. While I do love running non-D&D games, Faerun and Krynn lore are my bread and butter and especially enjoy running modules like Curse of Strahd. I'm always eager to hear from established parties who are looking for a new DM—whether you have already been gaming together or are a group of friends, co-workers or family members. So if you're looking for a game that I'm not currently running, send me a message and we can try and get a game started.

GM style

Game Play Focus on Storytelling with character’s backstories interwoven into the world’s lore, lots of complex antagonists to interact with, and various combat and non-combat ways to resolve problems. Be part of a world that evolves around your group’s choices. Combat does take second place to roleplay, but is still important - face hordes of enemies to carve through you to intense slog-fests against the biggest threats to the world where survival isn’t guaranteed. But come out of every battle feeling like the heroes you are. What Else? Foundry VTT with an in-depth mod suite for the best automation, lighting, and effects experience possible. Access to all of my D&D Beyond books and integration with Foundry VTT. Professional training background to help players new to TTRPGs. Supporting 3rd Party Map Makers A safe playing environment for everyone

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