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About me

Hi, my name is Chris! I'm currently a student of biology looking to enter the field of microbiology and biotech- one of my greatest passions alongside roleplaying and playing music. I've been GMing and roleplaying in some form or another for over a decade in both freeform and TTRPG formats. I have experience in writing for hard & soft sci-fi, high fantasy, pulp fantasy, and low-fantasy survival in various official published settings and homebrew worlds that I have written over the years.

GM style

In GMing, I like to create plotlines and campaigns which explore certain narrative themes, such as self-discovery or overcoming doubt. I particularly enjoy pulp fantasy storytelling, where the conflicts present in the world that the characters are faced with are narrative reflections of their own inner conflicts. I try to weave at least a few beats from each character into the story both in modules and custom games. When it comes to the pillars of D&D, I’m most fond of the Roleplay aspect. I don’t let Combat or Exploration fall behind in attention, but I do try to make sure that roleplay has a place in each of them. If at any time you need to discuss something with me about a character, a question, or any issue you have about the rules below- or anything else going on with a campaign that I’m running, please message me and I’ll be more than willing to talk it out with you. D&D is a game of collaborative storytelling and it falls short when the people involved have issues with how it is playing out that they don’t express. If you have any homebrew, such as spells, races, classes, or otherwise that you’d like to show me for my consideration, go ahead and message it to me and I’ll look it over and get back to you.

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