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JerBearScare (Jeremiah)

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About me

Hi! My name's Jeremiah/Miah/JerBearScare. I'm a fledgling GM interested in finding more opportunities to get better as a player/GM and just play more games. I have around 3 years of experience playing in several one-shots and a year-long campaign. I've DM-ed a couple of sessions for friends, including a current montly campaign, and a handful of one-shots on this site. I've also watched hours of live play vods, skimmed through the physical books, collected pdfs of adventures, homebrews, and articles, and consuming (buying) any TTRPG media I find interesting. I've also had experience/interest with other ttrpgs including: Honey Heist, Sh*tty Ensigns, Avatar Legends RPG, Monster of the Week, Kids on Bikes/Brooms. Ummm… Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope to game with you some time reader.

GM style

Umm... I try to lean towards allowing my players the chance to do cool things. I let them explain what they want to attempt and let the rolls decide. I have a decent understanding of the rules, but will make a call/fudge some rules to keep the game going or keep the session fun for players when needed. I try to keep the time looking up specific rules to a minimum unless I know there is an exact wording/ruling/place that will enhance the gameplay. I tend to reiterate the present situation and constantly ask players if there is anything in particular they would like to do before attempting to proceed with the story. Roleplay wise, I love reacting to players. I throw them an NPC and/or a situation and follow their lead. I am a proponent of “Yes and-ing", running jokes into the ground, and laying into improved bits and gags. I try to give every character a chance to roleplay and show off their character. This is also the same with combat. I ask my players if there's any particular flourishes/steps/details to their actions: "How do you do that?", "What does it look like?", "Describe how your character would act/react.". My inspirations come from a number of media I've consumed over the past couple of years, including: late 90's/2000 tv programming, Cartoons, Fantasy, Sci-fi ,Disney, Musicals, Video Games.


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