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About me

Hello! I'm Paul, and I've been orchestrating virtual tabletop sessions for around 2 years now, with a total of 5 years immersed in the world of D&D. WHAT TO EXPECT: 🗣️ Roleplay: Anticipate a substantial dose of roleplaying in my sessions. Players can immerse themselves in a responsive and engaging world, interacting seamlessly with NPCs and fellow characters. I'm entirely comfortable dedicating entire sessions, or even more, solely to RP encounters and experiences. ⚔️ Combat: Fear not, power gamers; action is a key element in my games. Prepare for combat scenarios that carry significance, presenting challenges teetering on the brink of life and death. Enemies aren't merely bundles of hit points; often, the environment poses challenges as formidable as the foes themselves! 🧭 Exploration: Brace for a blend of skill challenges, puzzles, and expedited travel methods, offering a diverse and interactive approach to exploring expansive worlds. TABLE ATMOSHPHERE: 🤝 Embracing teamwork and cooperative play. 👿 Strict rules against PVP and disruptive gameplay. 🦺 Providing a safe gaming space with a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment. 🆕 Offering support and encouragement for both novices and experienced players. I approach my role with a commitment to delivering the best possible production using a variety of tools at my disposal. This encompasses ambient music, a FoundryVTT experience that has been extensively customized, seamless sheet management and character creation through D&D Beyond (rest assured, your character is yours to keep), purposeful storytelling that dynamically responds to characters and their actions, and the inclusion of full audioscapes and soundtracks. Whether you're interested in exploring a variety of modules suitable for newer groups or prefer a personalized homebrew adventure, don't hesitate to reach out and inquire!

GM style

I get immense satisfaction from constructing the foundation of a world that players can truly make their own. For me, the essence lies in the art of roleplay and the creation of unique, individual stories—though, of course, reveling in combat's excitement is always a must! While modules offer valuable guidance, I see them as more of an outline. This is your adventure, so shape it to your desires! Ultimately, it's the collective narrative we weave that captivates me the most. In my DMing approach, I strive to strike a balance between Roleplay, Combat & Exploration, and I am always open to feedback to tailor the experience to the group.

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