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About me

Greetings, fellow adventurers! I am GM Drake, your guide to the captivating realm of Konran - a world of wonder, mystery, and boundless possibilities. With over a decade of experience as a seasoned Game Master, I take immense pride in curating immersive journeys that leave an indelible mark on your heart and imagination. A Journey of Creativity and Collaboration For more than 15 years, I have poured my heart and soul into crafting the fantastical world of Konran. What began as a humble dream has evolved into a rich tapestry of lore, inhabited by vibrant characters, ancient civilizations, and untold secrets. It's not just my world; it's our world, as my players have played an integral role in shaping its landscapes through their choices and creativity. Currently I'm focusing on one region with my new games, and those games will start in. Crafton Cove - A City of Innovation! Crafton Cove awaits your arrival. Perched atop a colossal Gazing Eye plateau within the lush Kray Providence Rainforest, this city pulsates with history and mysteries begging to be unraveled. As you traverse its winding alleys and bustling markets, you'll encounter a plethora of intriguing characters, each holding a piece of Crafton Cove's enigmatic puzzle. Magical Academy Campaign - KAMP At Konran Academi of Myght and Profycienci (KAMP), aspiring adventurers gather to unlock the depths of their potential. Within the hallowed halls of KAMP, we embark on a journey together, where mentorship and camaraderie fuel the flames of greatness. Whether you're a seasoned warrior or a novice spellcaster, KAMP welcomes all to learn, grow, and forge unforgettable bonds. A Fusion of Arts and RPG Mastery Beyond the realm of game mastering, I bring my talents as a trained and local award-winning character actor and singer to the table. Prepare to be enthralled as I breathe life into NPCs, weaving a tapestry of emotions that lingers long after the dice have been rolled. My performances are not just words; they're an experience. WorldAnvil - The Key to Immersion To heighten the immersive experience, all character sheets and world wiki will be hosted on WorldAnvil, providing you with a gateway to delve deeper into Konran's intricate lore and your character's journey. Together, we will create memories that will echo in the annals of history. Winner of one of the 2023 Summer Camp Award! Wrote all 42 Prompts earning a Diamond Badge Join the Adventure - Embrace Your Destiny Are you ready to pen your own legend in the ever-evolving chronicles of Konran? Together, we shall soar to new heights, facing challenges and forging alliances that will redefine your notion of adventure. Let's Write Your Tale - Together! I have an onboarding form that doesn't just let me get to know your character, but allows you to get additional proficiency skills as well as more buffs and a better understanding of the Deities of Konran. As your guide through the realms of Konran, I am committed to crafting a narrative that resonates with your desires and aspirations. Embark on an unforgettable journey where creativity knows no bounds, and legends are born. Whether you're a group of adventurers or a solo traveler, your story awaits. So, don your armor, grasp your spellbook, and let's create magic together! Contact Me Today - The Gates of Konran Await Your Arrival!

GM style

I'm a world builder and storyteller, I love weaving elaborate story lines and quests and mysteries that last weeks of game play. Of course combat happens, but so does puzzles, political/charisma challenges and more. While I'm pretty well rounded, I know that the story we're all sharing and making is the most important thing. If you like lush detailed lore, world wikis and an answer for every question, then you've found the right GM!


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