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Mike Lee

Mike Lee



3 years on StartPlaying

30 games hosted

Highly rated for: Inclusive, Creativity, Teacher

About me

I am Mike Lee, an easy going GM that likes to bring new players into the TTRPG realm as well as provide exciting and engaging stories for experienced players. I enjoy FFGs Star Wars RPG and D&D 5e, having run many groups through in-person adventures, Roll20, and an open world Discord PBP Server. I like the player experience to be seamless and immersive, encourage and reward creativity, and have the ultimate goal of teaching new, interested players in TTRPGs. I want to give players, especially new ones, the opportunity to find their way into the TTRPG world. Having played with 90% BRAND NEW players, I understand the hesitations and overwhelming feeling when approaching these types of games. But fear not! I can promise a safe learning environment for new players while still pushing the campaign along at a good pace for those more experienced. Ultimately, the goal is to have fun!

GM style

I enjoy the roleplaying aspect in both D&D 5e and the FFG Star Wars RPG (although my character voices range from terrible to decent, which adds to the fun!). I do like tactical combat but encourage the inclusion of thematic elements, creativity, and ultimately fun! Adding in narrative descriptions to combat also creates a roleplaying/combat hybrid that brings it to life even more. I do 'play by the book' in almost all cases but do allow leeway when it comes to creative solutions from players and will take my own liberties with the rules if necessary to push the story forward, assist a new player, etc. I do NOT like those who mechanically bend the rules in a meta sense to gain an advantage. I believe it takes away from the experience and the nature of the game itself. It all comes down to having fun!

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