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Hi, my name is Elena, but people just call me Nina. What inspired me to become a professional DM is the proverb "choose a job you like, and you will never work a day in your life!". I want to share my love for RPGs with new people, and offer them the best experience possible- especially for brand new players. I have read way too many horror stories where some people's first delve into the world of RPGs was with horrible GMs. My hope is that by hiring a professional, new players will be able to see what the game should be about: having a good time together and friendly, respectful interactions. I am an avid D&D player and GM, and I am very interested in expanding my knowledge to more systems! Right now I'm studying the GURPS and Low Fantasy Gaming systems. My playstyle is fast and loose, with lots of improvisation and adaptation: the players lead the story, and the world responds to their actions. In general I homebrew my games, but I have purchased a couple of modules that I would like to run. I can host games in English and Italian, and I'm learning Russian, Finnish and French to be able to reach an even wider audience. My games will always be inclusive of any minorities: homophobia, racism, transphobia, ableism and any kind of discrimination are not welcome at my table!

GM style

I love improvisation: I have the broad strokes of the story, but I like to let the players do their thing and see where the story will go. I absolutely love roleplay, so if that's your thing go for it! I like to homebrew the monsters a lot, adding wonky powers and cool stuff to them- often, things are not what they look like.

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