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About me

I'm good at what I love to do and I love to Run D&D games. Out of 1000's of players I encounter, maybe 90% like my style of gaming. In the long run, I run games which incorporate real world physics into the game, that magic and feats can easily alter. A fantastic fantasy game awaits: set in the Forgotten Realms Home brew world (by home brew I mean the background as printed as of 1482 D.R. remains the same but all future events may hinge on the Players choices for their Characters. Times: Saturday: 12pm to 10 pm (drop in Campaign - 3 hour min, or long term campaign - 8 hr min.) Rate: $5 hr Can run a game where characters just drop in (max 6) and I can run a module such as DotMM 10 hours a week on Saturday. First come first serve. 12 pm sharp, I also like long term games with Character, world development, with the same characters and players. As a DM I spend many hours on Game Development, for each Game I run, and each world played in by players can be different or can be the same world. Written Campaigns are Customized and I might add a vast improvement to some. Games are generally 50/50.

GM style

In a "drop in" game; combat, puzzle solving usually takes precedents over players roleplaying their Characters, however, one must get to the combat before combat may proceed so generally I will run DotMM for the Drop-in game. In a long term Campaign Roleplaying and World Development makes for an excellent setting for Players to submerse themselves in. In a drop in game it is slightly different as character development may not be the priority of all players. We must coexist in these instances. I have Incorporated sounds in FGU from Syrinscape, and I do some voices for on going NPC's.

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