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About me

My true joy comes from the enjoyment and wonder of the group I'm running games for. I've been playing TTRPGs and roleplaying in general for many years, so it's safe to say I've learned a great deal. I am fun-centered and story driven. Besides a funny voice and a love of dice, I am a fervent believer of the rule of cool. I will always take the players' preferences for combat, exploration, and roleplaying into account but above all I want to tell a story with you. I run homebrew campaigns and I can help balance ideas for custom content. I believe that the players are the railroads, and I will always prioritize adaptation over rules-lawyering. Let's get started! I'm excited to hear your story~!

GM style

I prioritize the fun of my players and so I will run how the room feels. I tend to lean towards role-playing and story. I like a good narrative combat for games that have action, so I work hard to make sure its fluid.


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