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I have been DMing for most of my life, and I may be one of those few people who is a forever DM by choice. I go all out on my campaigns, utilizing every tool at my disposal to give you a singular experience. My players often find that they have the campaign on their mind, even when they're not playing. I create a real community at my table, even among strangers. Many of my players have wound up meeting in real life because they've become such good friends at the table. I ease new players in, teaching them the game as we play so that they can keep the focus on their character and the story. I challenge veterans of the game with inventive combat scenarios and interesting mysteries. Most of all, I tailor the experience to my players, giving them a game they want to play in. I'll pay close attention to the choices you make, and craft new subplots around your decisions. This is YOUR story, personalized to you. But don't take my word for it. Go check out my Twitch channel (/Gambet), where I have over 100 videos of my games, and get a feel for what my DM style is like.

GM style

šŸŽ­ Player-driven Storylines While I am very proud of the production values in my campaign, that is just icing on the cake. What makes my campaigns special are the stories we tell, and I am a collaborator to my core. I am never rigid in my storytelling. I'll come with an idea, but as we play, your actions will change and develop that story until it's uniquely yours. šŸŽØ Custom-Tailored Playstyle I design my games around my players. I love it all. My default is to give a heavy mixture of everything. I love deep character role play, challenging combat, and interesting mysteries to solve. But if your group doesn't find combat particularly fun, I am happy to pull back on it to focus on the RP. Or if you're the opposite, I can design a great story that puts combat at the forefront. It's your game, and we'll tailor it to what you find the most fun! šŸŽ¬ High Production Values My campaigns look and sound amazing. I use animated maps with custom character tokens to sell the atmosphere. I handpick music and sound effects that I layer into the world to create a specific mood. I even use custom spell animations, so you will see your characters flinging magic around. šŸŽ¤ Vivid Narration, and Fun, Dramatic Voicework The way I narrate, I try to be punchy, create vibes and feelings, and tell you what you need to know without going on and on. I love to act, so you'll see a lot of interesting NPCs in my games, with dramatic personalities and unique voices. Sometimes very unique, as I sometimes use a voice changer to create all kinds of weird voice styles! šŸŽ‡ A Safe, Respectful, Inclusive, Fun Environment D&D is only fun if you can put yourself out there without fear of judgment or being creeped on. Intolerance has no place at my table. Come roll some dice with us!


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