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Chris 'Fox'
Game Designer

1 year on StartPlaying

165 games hosted

Highly rated for: Creativity, Storytelling, Teacher

Average response time: 5 hours

Response rate: 100%

About me

Feel like joining my Discord community? You can link up with fellow RPG players, see what projects are on the horizon and make requests of your own or vote in polls to influence future campaigns. Also feel free to spectate on any active sessions via the Discord Stage channel. Discord Link; A veteran player and GM, and developer for Pokemon Tabletop Reunited 1st and 2nd edition, having had at least 1 session a week now since 2004 - running and playing. Open to GMing a variety of systems. Got my start in D&D 3.0, but branched out about a decade ago into a variety of other games. Would consider learning new systems on request, though would likely charge more for the added effort to do so. I also do development work for system mechanics add-ons. Perhaps most importantly though, I am all too happy to work with you to integrate you into my worlds and create a very personalised character-specific story-line within the broader narrative of the campaign. Figuring out who your character is, their relationship dynamics and what drives them - with room for specific rivalries and more. I'm Autistic and ADHD like many other members of our community, and can provide a lot of support and advice to help with any barriers you might feel you face with neurodivergence. Willing to consider group-booking discounts depending on the number of players looking to book together. Contact me to discuss particulars. Feel free to ask about joining my Discord community to get a look at what else I have going on, along with future projects in the pipeline and the opportunity to discuss personalised requests for campaigns.

GM style

I favour running campaigns with a very much straight-faced tone, with a sense of grit and drama. I like to keep things mostly in-character, though sidebars to make the odd quip or clarify things are all good. I like to set up challenging combats with intelligent opposition, and am happy with more involved tactical rulesets. I subscribe to the GM philosophy that dice should (mostly) be rolled out in the open and see where they take us. Character death is present as a risk, as is failure, to make victory all the sweeter. I have a limited range of accents I can affect, but happy to utilise what is in my repertoire to enhance the experience. I make myself available to field questions and assist with character crafting and more outside of session time as needed, at no additional charge.

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