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"Now please, pay attention as I paint this picture for you, and lead you to a world beyond the Fey Horizon...." I'm Skye! (he/him) and I'm what I like to call a flexible GM. While I started off heavily inspired by the Critical Role streams, which opened my eyes to the incredible story telling potential of D&D and TTRPG's in general, I have since over the years evolved my own style, mixing narrative focus with both combat and social counters that allow players to highlight their unique attributes. While I tend stick very closely to the rules, I try very hard to allow players to have their moments to shine, creating story beats and side missions that focus on either their stories or will in some way highlight their particular class and interests as both a character and player. I GM stories based in my own world of Tey'lira, and have a website where I keep most of my worldbuilding information catalogued and organized, along with a Discord server where other players and GM's gather to play and explore the possibilities of my world and tell their own stories. It is a very living and breathing world that changes with each story told, where players have made drastic changes by introducing new organizations, religions, Gods, and other entities previously unknown to my world, and it's that kind of collaborative experience that I enjoy the most about this hobby. I have hosted games in all kinds of genres, from fantasy to sci-fi to steampunk. D&D 5E is my focus, but I also am dabbling in Cyberpunk RED and may host games for that system in the future!

GM style

I am a heavy roleplay fan, though I do delve a great deal into making challenging and exciting combat scenarios, as well as bring the characters and NPC's to life with some amateur voice acting. I also am a heavy user of music to help set the mood and scenes.

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