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About me

Writer, actor, professional game creator, and all-around "semi-pro" Storyteller! Having grown up in a childrens' theatre, the idea of roleplaying games immediately appealed to me in middle school. It was everything I did on stage -- but larger, bigger, and with full control of my persona. It was writing; it was art; it was even level design. All of my hobbies were things I could use and build with in roleplaying games and I loved it dearly. After a short stint playing characters, my DM left -- but my passion was ignited and even though I knew nobody who was interested in roleplaying games I was determined to get back in one. Taking the DM banner up myself, I started organizing roleplaying sessions teaching and using the GURPS 4th Edition system in high school right as it came out. The campaign world that I started then is one I still run in my home games and am slowly writing a world setting book of my own for, decades later. I wear many hats and do a lot of things; some may call me a jack of all trades. But the oldest, fondest, hat in my closet that I never completely take off is the hat of 'forever DM'. I'm very fond of opportunities to tell odd stories and I particularly love telling stories as a group activity. Paid DMing allows me to tell tales and do prepwork I wouldn't normally have the time for; given the opportunity, I'd be happy to work full time on it. For me, the title of 'forever DM' isn't a nag -- it's a commitment!

GM style

I run games in established worlds and host for players of all levels of experience and in a variety of genres; my heart's home is in low fantasy. For most of my adult life I've been a game designer and the mechanics of board games fascinates me with their emergent complexities. I love breaking mechanics down into their components and building them back up again. My games are cinematic and often include 'directorial flourishes'; strikes that send you or your foes sprawling, titanic blows that crush arms but do not kill, fights that take place on flotsam roaring down a white-foam river, sweaty-palmed lies to stay an executioner's hand, roof-top chases through your own character's nightmares, and feats of sheer will and heroic focus that shatter weapons, crush doors, and mend the hearts of kingdoms. Expect sweeping cinematic soundtracks, rounded and believable characters, and strange and fantastical worlds, spells, creatures, and treasures. I do my best to weave worlds and stories that revolve around and lead the characters through a career of challenges, tensions, terrors, triumphs, and bittersweet, soft-spoken, moments on wind-swept plains bathed in golden light. We will go to dark places, grimy cities, gloomy attics, glorious river-encrusted mountains, monster-filled abandoned fortresses, sparkling crystal caves, high academies, king's banquets, the heavens above, and the hells below. Rub shoulders with peasants and giants; shake the heavens and the rafters of the local pub. Wherever Adventure takes root in you, there your journey will be! Rather than kill a player given opportunity, I rather imprison, cripple, and curse. Each failure I see as an opportunity to allow a character a moment to shine even more richly and bright rather than a moment to pull it from the root. I don't require players to be experts in diplomacy when their characters are (though I will give incentives and bonuses for those who truly try to inhabit their characters) and I often create new feats, items, and spells to accompany and compliment these unique characters. My games are often not very technical and, though I will and do offer challenging situations, my goal is often to test your characters and the bonds you have with your party rather than attempt to slaughter them. I take players of any experience level and any familiarity with RPG systems. My table is open to anyone who'd like to sit at it but for those who lack tolerance and respect for others who might sit down. Me and my worlds, both, are LGBTQ+ friendly -- though at the table's option I do offer moments of challenge and intolerance for those who wish to have their characters challenged in those ways. Generally, however, the troubles and challenges parties face do not typically concern sexual orientation, gender, or race.

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