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About me

I’ve been running professional games since the fall of 2020. I have had lots of experience running games for my friends (online and offline) for about 15 years before that. I cut my teeth on 3rd edition and Pathfinder and played every edition up to 5th. I also play a lot of Powered by the Apocalypse games as well as small press indie stuff. I’m always looking for new tools to help tell an interesting story. If you have a quirky indie game you want to play but can't find someone to run it for you, I'm your guy! I work as a teacher, and I love helping new players get into our hobby. No matter how much experience you have I will always work to make my game a safe and fun place to explore and challenge yourself. LGBTQ Friendly.

GM style

As a DM I try to balance epic action with immersive role-play. Mechanically D&D is a combat-oriented game. I want players to Feel like action heroes, and have the opportunity to use all the awesome abilities they read about during character creation. These action scenes can become legendary, unforgettable moments when we care about the story, the characters, and each other. This is why I like to run more sandbox-style games where players have plenty of opportunities to role-play, forge relationships, and make meaningful decisions that leave a mark on the story and the world. In my mind story and action are inseparable, one feeds the other.

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