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About me

Unique play, Creative concepts, and a safe environment is what I strive to provide in my games. Feel free to test the waters, learn a new module, or tweak an old favorite (or don't. Play that one concept you cannot live without). I love homebrew rules and ideas. I specialize in Pathfinder 1e, and have 6 years of experience teaching it to new player. You can be completely new to TTRPG or come with the familiarity of other systems.

GM style

In-depth role play and adventure. I try not to push players into scenarios, so expect the need to be interactive. Please be clear about your intentions because I will not pick up on subtle hints or silent assumptions of telepathy via internet. I will try to get a sense for how much combat is expected/enjoyed during session 0 of any extended games that are not published modules. I improvise a fair amount, especially when the party decides to recruit the bandits and take over the fort instead of rounding them up to collect on the bounty... That is to say, don't feel pressured to do what you think I want. I am well versed in the art of plot correction.

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