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I got into D&D back in the olden days when the game was young and after all this time I'm still not bored with it! Playing is fun but I find DMing more rewarding as I love to create new places, scenarios, and characters, and to cook up original plots and adventures. I love to make maps and guide players through them, but I also appreciate theater of the mind when maps can be too limiting.

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Long time DM recently converted from in-house to online using Roll20 (thanks, Covid). Looking for new players, preferably those new to D&D or those bored with premade modules and ready for some new experiences. I prefer chill games and fun players. Roleplay encouraged but not required. I like both published modules and homebrew, but tend to mix the two for the hell of it and to keep things interesting. I have a chill, laid back playing style geared more towards fun than following every rule to a T. No grimdark, unless it's Curse of Strahd or similar plot-driven stories. I love roleplaying, but know it's not for everyone, so no worries if it's not your thing. I am not a fan of murderhobos. I prefer a group that wants to work together to achieve a goal rather than just slaughtering monsters and hoarding treasure.

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