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About me

I run our games the same way a puppy runs through the park; to have fun. I have two basic and important goals with every session. To ensure every player has fun and collaboratively create fun stories together. I am not trying to go against my player but always with. I will provide the challenge necessary to elevate our story time into a game but I am not trying to be a wall you throw yourself against. I am here as your game console to a videogame born of our imaginations. I have a campaign already written and ready to go. Of course it is subject to massive changes based on your wonderful inputs as we play. Will you be able to save the recently put together world of, "Equalia" from outside furry threats? Can you solve the mysteries that surround the to good to be true guild known as, "Volition of Vivification?" Or at the least prevent a city from plunging into utter destruction? Many possibilities await those who take part of the campaign I am exceedingly proud to be able to run for experienced and new players alike. Thank you for reading. Fun times and hot dice await any who grace my table. I run sessions from Discord with map screens used via Owlbear Rodeo. I am able to screenshare if you can not join Owlbear for whatever reason. LGBTQ+ friendly DM

GM style

An interesting question to ask. I've been so focused on running games I have never stopped to think of my, "style." If gameplay is king for videogames then roleplay rules in ttrpgs for me. I always encourage my players to roleplay to their hearts content and will rarely, if ever, prevent from roleplaying whichever scenes they wish. That said I am a goopy goblin gamer as well. I will keep the dice rolling as roleplay permits. I love combat and making it as tactical as befits our current situation or making it more a fun thrashing some enemies bit. I try to keep the sessions as varied can be. Puzzles, traps, NPCS, and enemies are the engine for my, "GM Style." I fancy myself both good and consistent with character voices. I do my upmost to give near every NPC a unique voice. I find it not only helps the player further immerse themself in their character it also allows me to become the NPC. That said I hold no expectation for players to use a voice. Like most things in our game it is totally up to you.

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