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About me

I remember as a young boy, my brother and I went into a Hobbies Shop, and beneath the glass there were all sorts of Dungeons & Dragons Cast Iron Mini’s. We made our way to the back of the store where there was a large table covered in battle mats, and I knew. I started Dungeon Mastering when I was a teenager, then again in my late twenties, then played 'World of Warcraft' for 4 1/2 years in my late 30's/early 40's... In 2017 I came across D & D 5e, and I loved it... Was a Player (PC) for a year to familiarize myself with the new rules, then picked up the Dungeon Master Manual and started a 4 year campaign... At the end of 2020 I started a twitter group which shifted to an online Discord Bi-Weekly game... Though I've played D & D on and off for over 30 years (Mostly Dungeon Mastering), and had been a Player online, this latest group was the first group I'd Dungeon Mastered online, and I loved it Though I started writing 5e modules in 2019, ran two groups and played in another, it just wasn't enough D & D for me... So I decided to start doing some DM For Hire work, which would give me an excuse/opportunity to play more, and make a few coins while I did it... On StartPlaying I ran a Friday Group (Frost Rhealm & Beyond) from January through August 2022, a Monday Group (Mythos, Private Group/Custom time, you can Book me above) from April through August 2022, A Thunsorra Campaign from February To May (Then he joined my Friday Group), and a 6 Session Adventure called Darkness to the North (Also a Private Group/Custom times!) during August 2022. In October I began my 2nd Darkness to the North Adventure which then (In January this year) shifted to my first ever 'Rise of the Drow' campaign! I love Story, Characters & Character Development, and just D & D... I would love the opportunity to 'Take You On A Tale of High Adventure'! (Kinda borrowing a bit from Conan The Barbarian Quote, lol) I will not try to impress, or appear 'Professional', I will only take you on an Adventure/or Campaign the way I run D & D, which I love

GM style

I like to create a chilled atmosphere, so all Players can feel welcomed and relaxed... I love Roleplay, so I'll be doing lots of voices, though I don't expect Players to do the same, they may do what they like/feel comfortable with. I love World Building/Storytelling/Character development, I will work with Players as far as their Backstories, they may be as brief or elaborate as they like* *Though there will be Evil Bad Guys/NPCs in my campaigns, I will not be using Evil Alignment for Player Characters

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